Pride in Everything!

Hey all, Sam here sunning myself in London while Ash is doing the same thing over in Spain!! 


We have reached the end of Pride month and over the last few emails we hav been proud of ourselves, of friends and family and of course of you guys, the SMASH crew!

his morning myself and one of the SMASH regulars, Rèka, ran almost 13 miles as part of our marathon training plan... although it's the longest she has ever run, she was the one that had to motivate and push me to keep going! I am so proud of her and proud of myself for not giving up despite feeling like I was running on empty... My sense of pride got in the way of admitting that perhaps I have over-trained a little this week and so I aim to spend the remainder of the weekend recuperating and recharging the batteries!


esterday in our lunchtime class we did SMASH pyramid, but with a twist - making it extra hard - and I have to say I am proud of every single person that attended. You all smashed it!! I'm also very proud of the random member that stayed in the hot yoga studio and joined us for the 10 minute meditation at the end!


This week I have also had a bit of a body breakthrough feeling prouder than ever of my body shape... not that it has changed much in the last week or so but (with encouragement from some of you) I have felt that I am even more comfortable in my own skin, no matter how stretched or wobbly that skin may be. Nobody is perfect, and everyone has something that they are working on, so taking pride in how we look RIGHT NOW can hopefully inspire those around us.

Finally, this week I have to say how proud I am of somebody that is close to me. She has been a massive inspiration in my life and recently been diagnosed with cancer. I am SO SO proud of you and how you are handling this. No matter how long the process will be to get better you know I am here for you as you have been for me. Love you loads.


This week alone I have felt pride in pretty much all of the ways we have covered over the last few weeks. Have a think now of what "proud" moments you have had recently? Maybe use this weekend to reach out to a loved one or to write that list about your own qualities to be proud of.


Although we will have a new focus starting from tomorrow, next weekend is London Pride. This of course means there will be some special pride-theme spin classes coming from both myself and Ash next week! Check our social media for more information!


Have an amazing weekend and see you guys for more “SM” on Monday!!


Sam & Ash