This is Going to be Awesome!

Welcome to JULY!!! 


How many times have you woken up in the morning and told yourself "ugh, it's gonna be a long day", "I look like rubbish today", "I really don't want to go to work"....? We are all guilty of it and the problem is that we immediately have framed the day in a negative way. So when any negative incidences occur we can tell ourselves we were right!


But what if we don't expect the worst? Sure, most days may have little negatives in them but if you look for the positives you may soon realise that actually, overall this day is amazing. It all starts in the morning... Frame your day in the positive and it will help you find the positives in each day. Tell yourself that this day is going to be awesome, work will be great and that you look beautiful!

This monthly focus is re-visiting positive affirmations. It's something both the SMASH team use in the morning to get the day started the right way and in the evening to end the day with gratitude. 

There are so many ways to include affirmations into your life, including...

  •  Thinking them in your head
  •  Watching/listening to them in a recording or on youtube (we love "be inspired" - a little OTT but gets the message accross!)
  •  Say them out loud - repeating affirmations out loud really helps 
  •  Write them down - again this helps to make the affirmation more firm when it's on paper


So your first task for the rest of the week... before you leave your bed, before you get to work, before you start any challenge tell yourself....





Sam & Ashley