Workout with Pride!

Good morning all!


Thank you so much for your responses to our email on Saturday, we appreciate them so much and they really filled us with a deep sense of Pride. Hearing how much SMASH means to you and what it has done to help in other areas of your lives really does mean the world. When we set out on this journey we said it would be worth it even if we help just one person...from the responses received we can safely assume we have completed that mission! Now the mission gets bigger....bring on Year 2! 


Today's focus is about being proud of your workouts and the commitment you make to trying your hardest to lead an active and balanced lifestyle. We can sometimes be our own worst enemy and be highly critical of workouts where we feel we didn't do our best, or lazy days when we think we could have done better (or even just shown up!).


We want you to take pride in every workout. 


And every well deserved rest day!


Some workouts will be better than others. Sometimes we will feel fired up and absolutely SMASH it. Sometimes we aren't quite in the right headspace so the workout can feel harder and more strained. Just like life in general, our workouts will go up and down. The most important thing is you are DOING it! Be proud of the commitment to look after your health. Accept that it's ok to sometimes have a 'bad' workout. Understand that each session is making you stronger, no matter how intense it felt! Ultimately, always have pride in yourself - some stats show that up to 80% of UK adults are not exercising enough but we are pretty certain you fall in to the 20% of those who are 


Your body, your health and your physical and mental wellbeing is your own to nurture, strengthen and nourish. Be kind to yourself and recognise how great you are. It really is something to be proud of.




Sam and Ash