I am...

Hi everyone!


We hope you had a great week and managed to get some sleep through the hot weather 


Positive Affirmations is our focus for this month but what exactly does using positive affirmations mean, and why is it good for us? 


Throughout our lives most of us will have experienced periods or times when we were told we weren't good enough, fast enough, smart or pretty enough. Times when we weren't chosen or when we faced ridicule for a mistake we made. These memories are extremely powerful and tend to stay with us throughout our lives. There is a reason we tend to remember these type of memories over others - thousands of years ago our survival depended on making the best choices possible so our brains are hard wired to store memories of failure or ridicule so that we don't make the same 'mistakes' and can avoid danger...


Of course, times are very different now, but our brains are still programmed to be alert to 'danger' which is why we often say to ourselves "I couldn't do this" or "I'm not good enough" or "That person is much better than I am" or "I'm so stupid" (the list could go on). This is why it is so important to change the way our brains operate and think. If you believe in the law of attraction (team SMASH didn't when we were younger but definitely do now!) you will understand the belief that what you think will have an effect on the way you live your life. Numerous scientific studies have supported this theory and many successful people have attributed their success to positive affirmations.


Now this doesn't mean that just by telling yourself you are going to have an awesome day in the morning means that every day will be amazing! Life has ups and downs that affect everybody, but by practising positive affirmations daily you are more likely to see the best/good in situations which normally means you can be in a healthier mental headspace and probably make better decisions. Ultimately, the happier we feel in our mind the better equipped we are at managing the 'downs' that will come at times, and daily positive affirmations can help this.


This week we invite you to try and choose a different positive affirmation each day and repeat it several times throughout the day. You may have your own but if you are stuck for ideas, why not try...


I am strong


I am capable


I am determined


I am beautiful


I am confident


I am loved


I am worthy


I trust my instinct


I am brave


Give it a try, what have you got to lose? 


Enjoy the rest of your weekend and have an amazing week, hopefully filled with lots of positivity 


Sam and Ash


P.S. We are happy. We are content. We are smashing this!


For Body  For Mind  For Life