Year 2...

Hi everyone!


We are back from our holiday and we had a great time! We rested our bodies, relaxed our minds and also did some fitness trainin. Mostly though, we laughed A LOT! It's so important to have friends who share your sense of humour, friends who you can be completely yourself around, and this is what we had on this break. We laughed so much every day - the best kind of holiday 


We used the opportunity to brainstorm some new ideas for Year 2 of SMASH and boy do we have some amazing things lined up! We've created new classes, new Discovery sessions and we will be introducing new themes and events to SMASH that will make this year bigger, better and even more fitter than ever before - in body AND mind! Look out for future emails where we will be announcing all the exciting things to come...


Talking of emails... We have decided that the emails will now come once a week at the weekend. We have loved sharing our twice weekly emails with you all over the past year, and have had some amazing feedback, but we are now so busy with SMASH (remember when we launched we had just 2 classes!) that we have to make sure we are able to commit to good quality emails and feel that this will be best delivered once a week. We will have occasions where there may be a surprise mid-week email or two, and will also have special themed weeks where there will be short emails going out each day, but generally you can expect your SMASH email in to your inbox each weekend 


We have also made the decision to replace our weekly Running class with an OUTDOOR thirty minute training class which will be focused on HIIT (high intensity interval training). We had great feedback from the last outdoor class so have decided to make the most of this good weather and take training outdoors (weather permitting - if it's raining we will be in the studio). So, starting this Tuesday 24th join us outdoors and get sweaty in the sun - don't forget your sunscreen! Until we are able to change the name on the timetable please book your space by booking the Running Club class - this will be OUTDOOR training instead.


For those of you who loved the running club, don't worry! Both of us are training for marathons (Sam is doing the Loch Ness marathon in September and Ash is doing the London Marathon next April) so we will be holding special running classes/events twice a month that we will announce in due course! 


Lastly, on Monday we will be launching a brand new SMASH class at 12:15pm! We can't wait to share this with you, so book your place now!!


Look out for the email next weekend where we will talking about the importance of using positive affirmations daily and how this can dramatically affect the way you look at life. If any of you are already doing this, and wish to share anything with us that we could use, then hit reply and let us know 


It's great to be back, we missed you 


See you all soon!


Sam and Ash


P.S. Congratulations to our amazing SMASH member Sophie and her husband Rich who have just had their baby - a little boy! Most of you would have seen Sophie in class, working out right up towards the end of her pregnancy! Sophie, you really inspired us these past few months and we are so happy for you! We can't wait to celebrate when we see you in class next