2018 - the year of friendship and adventure!

Good morning Smashers. Sam here. I hope you are well!

With only one week till Christmas I hope you are starting to get that festive feeling! The SMASH team love Christmas and as with last year I'm spending my Christmas day "alone"... which is my choice and as I found last year ...a good choice!

London is so multicultural that the usual question of "are you going home for Christmas" doesn't really apply to everyone. For me, I've had so many different Christmases over the last few years that my version of "home" looks very different to how it may look to the next person!

Over the new year I'll be seeing my Welsh and Swindon friends near Bridgend... and being around them is when I really feel at home. They are such an important part of my life and I wouldn't be the person I am today without these lot! Talking of which, this August, the Welsh crew, Holly and Huw, got married and I had the honour of being a bridesmaid at one of the best weddings I've been to! You guys rock! Xx

2018 has been incredible in so many other ways… SMASH has gone from strength to strength - introducing our 90-minute classes, SMASH Discovery back in April and SMASHcamp in November - they have really cemented what we want SMASH to look and feel like and we have been so proud to see many faces both old and new coming to these! As we previously announced, our 2019 is going to be even bigger!!

As with 2017 my fitness focus this year has centred around running... but rather than a race a month, it was all about building up to the Loch Ness Marathon. Being able to encourage some of you to join our races has pushed me even more, so much so that my race times have not been a factor in my enjoyment and pride in seeing you guys push yourselves! 

This year I re-climbed Ben Nevis with old friends, enjoyed a relaxing week away in Gran Canaria with Ash and Jake and took a random weekend to visit a relatively new friend in Turkey. In amongst these trips it’s been a good year for friendship and adventure!

For the gym industry particularly, as well as for many of you, these couple of weeks before the new year give us that little extra time to reflect on the past few months. What lessons can you take from this year? What can you carry forward to 2019? What will you leave behind? 

My “homework” to you is to make a list, or a photo collage if you can, of the highlights from your year – Whether big or small, you will be surprised how many there are to choose from!

Don't forget there is a Christmas timetable from Monday so there will be less SMASH classes - Check the Fitness First Angel Instagram for more information - booking is also available as usual on the Core App. If you have any friends or family visiting over the Christmas period and would like them to try SMASH - send us a message and we will try and get them booked in!

Join us the usual time Monday lunchtime for a special SMASH class from the both of us! We hope to see you there!!

Sam and Ash