Blank Pages...

Hi everyone, Ash here 

As most of you know, this week was my final week as manager at Fitness First Angel! Thursday was my last day and the Daily Calm (on the Calm app) was all about the stories we tell ourselves in our minds - some that limit us, some that promote us. It ended with -

"Are you ready to let go of your story, and write a new one?"

What a perfect way to end my last day, understanding that my story so far was leading to a new, exciting and ambitious, chapter. I had started my management career when I was 25, thanks to the faith of my regional manager who encouraged me to "go for it!". I never in a million years thought I would sill be managing gyms a decade later, and even 3 years ago I started questioning what other industries I could see myself working in. But in January 2017 my passion for fitness was reignited in a way that would change my life...

I started teaching fitness classes. Launching Shred, I took myself out of my comfort zone and put myself in front of the members who were only used to seeing me walking the gym floor in-between my office stints! I was so nervous but I fell in love with the buzz you get from instructing and, before you knew it, I had my spin qualification! A few months later I was in Valencia with Sam, brainstorming ideas for a class that would promote strengthening mental health as much as physical health, and SMASH was born 

My story intensified over the next 18 months. SMASH was getting more and more popular and we launched Discovery and SMASHcamp! I got married and made tough decisions about who to make time for in my life, and who to walk away from. I made the decision to go vegan and I reached 1000 days of mindfulness meditation. My fitness training intensified as I took to running - something I never thought I would do! And then, at the end of 2018, I made the decision to walk away from my management career and become a full time Personal Trainer so that I could give SMASH the focus and attention it needs to reach the levels of success Sam and I have planned! My story definitely got more exciting as the months went on - this past year and a half has given me so much to write about and, through our emails, write about it I did!

Now my story continues and I honestly can't wait to see what is ahead! My mindfulness practise has helped to nurture my mind and understand my feelings so that I can be confident enough to trust my instinct. I'm not saying you won't be able to make life changing decisions if you don't practise mindfulness, but I do think that the more aware you are of your present moment, and the more accepting you are of you and everything you stand for, the more faith you have in yourself to achieve great things, be brave and go for it! I have a lot of blank pages ahead of me and I plan to write the best chapter yet 

Have an awesome weekend and thank you for being amazing!

Every. Single. One of you. 

Sam and Ash