Belief and Strength...

Hi SMASH crew 

We wanted to wait for few weeks until we talked about buzzwords for 2019, as this would mean that you could offer yourself some time to settle and really think about what 2019 will look like for you...

What is a SMASH buzzword? It's a word you will focus on for the year, something you feel could relate well to your goals or a word that will motivate you or remind you of what your intentions are for the year ahead.

Last year our buzzwords were Focus (Sam) and Balance (Ash). Check out the email from January 2017 here if you want to find out why.

This year, our buzzwords are -

Sam - Belief . This is to encompass BELIEF in myself, to BELIEVE in the good of others and to have BELIEF that, whatever the universe has in store for me is what is supposed to happen. Last year I really kept in touch with my buzzword of Focus - it is something I am carrying over to this year to stay organised in my work, my studies and for my classes.

Ash - Strength. I have chosen this word as it can mean so many different things. Specifically for me, I will be using it to ask myself if what I am doing is helping to make me stronger. This could apply if I'm working too much or training too hard. Or maybe I'm resting too much when I need to focus on the long term goal. Is my use of social media helping to make me stronger (some of you will know my January goal has been to reduce the time I spend on social media - and it's definitely helping to make me stronger at the moment!). I also need to add in more strength sessions to my training so it can apply in that literal sense, too. And, finally, it's going to be an energetic year filled with a lot of change and hard work - I will continue to remind myself how strong I am. I'm sure that I will really need this positive affirmation at times!

What are your buzzwords going to be? We encourage you to write a few down and see which resonate the most. You can have as many as you wish but we recommend only having one or two so you can really focus on the qualities and meaning of those words. We would love to hear from you so let us know what your buzzword is!

Have an amazing week guys! We are still buzzing (see what we did there? ) from Discovery on Saturday and plan to channel that energy in to our week. It's going to be a great one!

Sam and Ash