Hey all, we hope you are enjoying the new year! 

January can be a very intense time for some people - it seems everybody is highly motivated to achieve something spactacular! People have set resolutions which can mean they are suffering withdrawals from their favourite things like alcohol, chocolate and nicotine etc.... making some of them a little more 'on edge' than usual. All of this positive energy can also turn into a bit of a 'stressy' vibe which can be passed from person to person. 

A week on Monday is what they call 'Blue Monday' - it's claimed to statistically be the most depressing day of the year (although this claim actually originated from a travel company who did the calculation before trying to sell you holidays to counteract your depression!). However, there is some sense of 'January blues' that we should, perhaps, be more mindful of. The festive season is over, the next holiday feels like an eternity away and our bodies are tired from the full-steam ahead attitude and the energy it takes to get back in to a routine.

Our main message for January has been kindness, in particular - being kind to ourselves. It takes time to achieve our goals or intentions and we can sometimes put unnecessary pressure on ourselves to go full steam ahead and race to the finish. It takes time to build solid foundations. Making mindful, gradual steps forward will always help protect your mental and physical health... which makes achieving your goals or intentions a lot more likely! Spread this to everyone you know who has set a goal, resolution or intention for 2019 - encourage them to be kind to themselves.

The daily calm had a great meditation a couple of days ago that is one of the fundamentals of mindfulness... Loving Kindness. It's about sending love to yourself, to someone close to you and, a little more challenging, someone who you may have a difficult relationship with. It's amazing how sending loving kindness into the world can transform your view of a situation. We all deserve happiness, we all deserve health and and we all deserve peace.

Next Saturday we have our first SMASH Discovery of the year and the 30 minute workshop, which follows the class and meditation, will be focused on strengthening foundations and setting realistic intentions in order to have a successful year. There are limited spaces left, so do let us know if you are planning to attend. Confirmation emails for those that have already booked will be coming in the next few days.

Need a way to help combat that 'Blue Monday' feeling? Remember there are five opportunities every week to SMASH it as usual -  

Monday 12:15pm

Monday 5:45pm (30 minutes)

Thursday 6pm

Friday 1pm

Friday 1:45pm (10 minute meditation)

You can book 3 days before the class from 7:30am (and please spread kindness by cancelling if you can't make it so someone on the waiting list can attend!)

Have a great weekend! Don't forget to pass good vibes along the way as you ride that roller coaster of January emotions 🏼

2019 is your year!

Sam and Ash