Inspired and motivated...

Good afternoon SMASH crew this is Sam wishing you a lovely weekend.

Tomorrow, we (along with a couple of the SMASH crew and a few of the Fitness First Angel trainers) will be running the Olympic Park Half Marathon! – For all except Ash and I, it will be their first half marathon! (Even though Reka has done a full marathon!).

I was speaking with a lovely lady in the gym yesterday who is running her 8th marathon in April – her motivation is very much to improve her time every time… which can be a big motivation for many people. I realised that right now my main motivation for running races is to encourage others to run! As I said after my last marathon, my time is almost irrelevant to me as I know that I have so many other commitments (physical and mental), so the experience of running with newbies is what makes it all worth it!

This week I ran for the first time in a few weeks after being exhausted and/or sick, which is why I’m planning to take tomorrow easy and enjoy the experience! I realised while I was running that I missed the meditative aspect that I find with this exercise in particular. Running long distance really does help focus the mind, pulling on the strings that come from a cloudy mind!

They say that creativity arises from boredom, and running certainly gives you that bit of space to mull things over. On Monday, after I finished my run, I met with Ash and we created a brand new SMASH class within half an hour! Sometimes you just need to have a clear head to make something happen or get creative, and running can help with that!

So what I am trying to say is that you don't have to be the best at everything... Today my fever seems to have come back a little and even though I will 100% be there tomorrow, I may not run 100% of the race! I am so proud of everybody taking part and really excited to be around that buzz that comes from a challenge like this... good things can come out of something you are not necessarily looking forward to - even if you don't expect it! 

We have so much feedback about how much we motivate you in our classes and emails, but genuinely, we are so honoured to be inspired and motivated by you guys just as much!! THANK YOU!!  

Hope to see some of you at SMASH Discovery next Saturday (book your space ASAP).

Sam and Ash