Mindful Minute...

Good morning all, 

How are you doing this week? Busy? 

From our chats with some of you this week it seems like many of us are feeling the 'pressure', for one reason or another. Maybe it's the moon, maybe it's because its coming up to the end of the financial year, maybe you have a holiday coming up so need to get things done! Maybe you have no idea what it is but can sense a feeling of overwhelm or anxiety....

Whatever your week has been like we just want you to stop for a moment....

Take one minute and do the following...

Breathe in (count to 4)

Hold (count to 4)

Breathe out (count to 4)

Hold (count to 4)  

Now close your eyes and repeat four more times

Hopefully you didn't fall asleep and opened your eyes after around a minute passed. How do you feel now? 

Usually - giving your breathing a little extra focus has a relaxing and calming effect on the brain. This is why at the end of our classes we always have a "mindful minute" to reset ourselves, reconnect the body and mind and pay attention to the heartbeat as it begins to slow down. It gives us that mental shift to go from where we just were, to where we are now. It also gives us an opportunity to mentally congratulate ourselves for showing up and committing to working hard - whatever that looked and felt like. 

There are many variations on this breathing exercise, and you may be surprised just how much it can help during your daily life to take a 'mindful minute' - especially those days where we just need a bit of calm.

Try it again whenever you need it this weekend. 

We will hopefully see lots of you next week