Be Outrageous...

Hi everyone 🌈

This week we have used the word 'outrageous' a lot - in a good way! When we were at the amazing wedding reception of SMASH London regulars Jules and Mark, we saw a lovely little quote on their wedding card. It's from Matilda by Roald Dahl and said -

"Never do anything by halves if you want to get away with it.

Be outrageous.

Go the whole hog".

It really resonated with us and we took that message in to the week, telling everyone in class to be outrageous with their workout! It didn't have to be perfect, it didn't even have to be their best ever effort - we get it that we can't be our best all the time! However, as always, all we asked is that you gave that moment in time your full attention and focus. To be outrageous with every move and every thought in that 45 minutes of strength building in body and mind 💙

Our message to you over this Bank Holiday weekend is to challenge yourself over what the word outrageous means to you. To us it means to be a little 'over the top', maybe even a little bit 'extra'. If you are going to rest this weekend, be extra about it! If you are visiting family and friends, be over the top with gratitude and compliments and see how much better you feel after (even if it's slightly weird to begin with!). If you are out, do your best to dazzle - but always on your own terms! If you are enjoying the sun, make sure you are shining as bright as it's rays...

We understand that for some of you, life may not be wonderful right now. So, offer yourself extra kindness, more compassion and accept a comforting hug from someone important to you. Always know that you are loved by so many, and absolutely perfect in your own way.

Each day that comes our way gives us a chance to be outrageous. It will mean something completely different to each of us but, whatever it means to you, go for it! Don't do it by halves, otherwise...what's the point?

So call that friend you've been thinking about recently.

Wear that top that makes you feel amazing.

Rest all day if you want to, with no guilt.

Enjoy every delicious mouthfull of your favourite treat.

Dance like nobody's watching. Better still, dance like everybody's watching and you are the star of the show!

Love with all your heart.

Smile that gorgeous smile of yours

Be outrageous, we dare you...

Sam and Ash