The challenge is on!

Hey all, Sam here - happy London Marathon weekend!!

I'm sure most of you know by now that Ash is running his first ever marathon tomorrow - and what better marathon to run than THE London Marathon! A few of us are going down to support him (feel free to join us, send me a message for location!) but I just wanted to wish him the best of luck and send him some massive SMASH style words of encouragement.

Ash, I am so so proud of you and I know you are going to do the best run that you can. Enjoy the day, soak up the atmosphere, the love, the sun (hopefully) and be present in the experience! It is your FIRST ever marathon, so whatever your time, you will be achieving a personal best!

As we always say in SMASH, it's about doing what is right for your body TODAY - no comparing yourself to anybody else, even to yourself a year ago, or yourself where you want to be in a years time!

Whatever happens tomorrow you have challenged yourself greatly and you should be so so proud of yourself! LOVE YOU LOADS!

You can still donate to Ash's chosen charity (World Animal Protection) if you want to support his cause!

If you feel inspired to challenge your running skills, we have plans to yet again run the Pride 10k in Victoria Park - it's not yet available for booking but I'm sure I saw it announced somewhere as Saturday 10th August... Watch this space for more information!

Meanwhile, if you would like to challenge yourself in a different way, we now have our May, June and July SMASHcamp and SMASH Discovery dates available for booking!

We will be sending reminders closer to the time and much more information is available on the website but see below for our upcoming schedule. Start booking NOW!!

Remember it is £10 for one class or £25 for three classes (paid in one). For first timers it is £5 so try it out and/or bring a friend

Discovery Camp

May 11th 18th

June 22nd 15th

July 20th 27th

Have an amazing weekend!

Sam and Ash