28 Day Challenge....

Hi everyone, Ash here 🌈

Wow, what a month so far! We've both been incredibly busy with work commitments. Our PT business is going from strength to strength, SMASH London classes are getting busier and busier and we are now working on ideas for SMASH class number 20 to celebrate 2 years of SMASH London! On top of that we are doing more work for the Shine Night Walk at Cancer Research UK in September (we have created the training plan for this and will talk more about it next week!) and we are also doing more work for corporate businesses in the next few weeks. We are incredibly grateful that so many amazing opportunities are coming our way ☺️

However... it's so important we get to rest. This week I made Wednesday my 'Ashley day'. At least once a month I like to take a day that is purely for me! I stay at home and do all the things my body and mind need at that time. Mostly it's rest and I find the best way for me to get quality rest is to read, meditate for longer than normal and do a good stretch! If you follow us on Instagram or our YouTube channel, you will see that this week we shared some of our stretching routine (I had a furry companion in mine so, if you love cats, stop reading right now and go check it out! 😻). I only started stretching every day about two years ago and I know it's helped me to get stronger, in body and mind. It wakes me up gently in the morning and sets the tone for my day - that I will nourish my body the best way I can. I only stretch for about 5 minutes but it makes a huge difference! It also gives me some time to unwind my mind as I find that as soon as I wake up I have a busy head. This means that when I start my ten minute meditation I'm ready to relax as soon as Tamara starts talking on the Calm app 😌

Stretching is also important after any type of exercise. It helps increase flexibility and decreases the effect of DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness - or pain from working out to you and me!). It is also an opportunity to be mindful - to recognise your strength, pay attention to your heart and focus on your breath. This is your time to slow down and reconnect your body and mind πŸ’™

How often are you stretching? Do you think you could set your alarm five minutes earlier each day to do some easy stretches before you head in to your day? I promise that if you can do this for 28 days you won't look back, so set yourself a 28 day challenge! You'll see how much stronger you feel, and how much calmer your morning can be, when you invest a tiny part of your day in your own well-being. You have complete power over what you choose to do with your time so make space to slow down each day. If you are stuck for ideas there are loads of videos on YouTube but we recommend starting with these...




Look after yourself... go stretch!

Sam and Ash

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