Shine Night Walk...

Hi guys!
We are proud to announce that SMASH London was chosen by Cancer Research UK to design the training programmes for their Shine Night Walks taking place in a few months! It was a privilege to be asked and so much fun to create! We feel that we have really put the SMASHLondon stamp on these plans so that they will feel different to any other type of training plans out there - you'll have the chance to check them out further on in the email!
What is the Shine Night Walk?
It's a 10k walk that happens through the night in various cities across the UK between August and October. The London Shine Night Walk also has a Half Marathon and Marathon distance for those who want an even bigger challenge!
Who can do it?
Anyone! Just sign up and get training! Don't be fooled thinking it will be easy because it's a walk, 13 or 26 miles is a fair distance to be on your feet so, just like a running challenge, you need to take it seriously and train so you enjoy the whole event!
How do I sign up?
Head to the CRUK website and sign up! Then use it as an opportunity to do some fundraising if you wish
How much?
The London Shine Night Walk is usually £39.99 (or £19.99 for the 10k distance) but SMASH London has been given a discount code so you can get 20% off the fee! Just enter the code SMASH20 when you sign up here
This is an amazing opportunity to have some fun, train for an event and even raise some money for a worthy cause! You will feel strong once you have completed it and it's great for the mind when you know you are doing something that will also be helping others. Statistics say that one in two people will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their life so the more research that goes in to treatment and cures, the better! Let's help make this happen!
Team SMASH will also be there on the night to motivate and encourage everyone taking part and will be happy to answer any questions from anyone who downloads the programme and starts training! Take a look at the programmes here!
What are you waiting for? London looks amazing at night and imagine seeing the sun rise as you finish! It's going to be an awesome and inspiring event and we hope you can be part of it
Have a beautiful day!

Sam and Ash