Happy Sunday all!

We hope you are having a lovely weekend, enjoying the sun when it is out! 

June is an exciting month for the SMASH London team as we will be celebrating our TWO year anniversary!! We have a lot of exciting things happening and plenty of ideas flowing at the moment, which we are looking forward to sharing with you all very soon... including news about class number 20

Firstly we wanted to remind you that next Saturday we have our next SMASHcamp, with Discovery coming the following week. As usual its a 9am start time for both sessions, non members welcome and £10 per class or £25 for any three!


  • SMASHcamp is our 80-minute Bootcamp style class split in to 3 sections and suitable for all levels!

  • Discovery starts with a 45-minute fitness class followed by a 10 minute Mindfulness meditation. We conclude with a 30-minute workshop to help strengthen mental well-being. It's a relaxed workshop where you can choose how involved you wish to get so, whether you talk or listen, you'll come away feeling empowered! June's Discovery session is all about worrying and how we can can learn to manage our worries in a more mindful way.

  • Further details about both classes are on our website.  

15th June SMASHcamp
22nd June SMASH Discovery

20th July SMASH Discovery

27th July SMASHcamp

Some other news...

  • We have finally joined Twitter! (@smashlondon_) We are still learning to see how we will be using it but for now, please follow us!!

  • We created our first ever SMASH London video! It is on our Instagram feed (@smashlondon), and as of this morning it is also on our YouTube channel!! (SMASH London)

  • We have been updating our website and hope that in the next couple of weeks it will become even more informative and user friendly - including some free downloads of some of the exercises we have used in our SMASH Discovery workshops.

  • We are also (again) trying to change from a gmail based newsletter to using Mail Chimp! It will make us easier to subscribe to and hopefully make our weekly updates more visually pleasing!

  • We will also be adding our Private SMASH London classes as events to our Facebook page (SMASH London) in which, we will encourage discussion on the class - the topic for discovery, how hard/fun/amazing we may have found it, maybe even the songs we use in the class!

In these last few weeks, we have been so busy with new and exciting projects. It has meant that we have been reflecting so much more on our journey so far and getting excited about what is to come. We appreciate each and every one of you, whether we see you multiple times every week, if you have had to move away, or if you are an email subscriber that we have yet to meet. Every person in our SMASH London community is what makes us, us!! 

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, connect with us on as few or as many of the social media platforms that you wish, share us with all of your friends, family or colleagues and stay tuned for more excitement!

Sam and Ash

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Our 45 minute SMASH classes bookable on the DW Fitness First Angel Timetable:

12:15 Monday

18:00 Thursday

13:00 Friday

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