Wear Sunscreen...

Hi everyone 😊

The summer holidays have started and it looks like some great weather is coming our way next week 😎

Have you ever trained outdoors? When it comes to our fitness training we often choose to train indoors because it's more convenient (especially in the UK). This is great, particularly in the winter or when you need equipment that you can't get outdoors, but there is so much you can do outside if you aren't already - run, walk, hike, yoga, bootcamps, gardening! Outdoor training has been shown to further increase the endorphin rush from exercise and improve your mood. Indoor exercise already helps with this, but sunlight exposure will elevate the effects of exercise on the body - and you don't have to do a bootcamp to benefit from this, walking or gardening will also help! Being outdoors also encourages you to be more mindful as you connect with Mother Nature - even if you don't realise you are doing that, it happens subconsciously! This is another reason your mood will improve as numerous studies have shown that being outside can have a positive impact on your mental health and well-being. The light really does help us shine πŸ€—

How much time are you spending outside? Can you go for a walk in your lunch break? Get off a stop earlier on the bus or tube and walk for 10 minutes before/after work? Do some work in the garden or help out a family member or friend with theirs? Being outdoors can make you happier - just make sure you wear sunscreen! πŸ’™

With all of this in mind, we have decided to take SMASHcamp outdoors on Saturday 27th July to capture the benefits of outdoor training! Suitable for all levels, there will be 2 options to choose from -

Option 1 - Meet at Fitness First Angel at 9:30am for a one mile run to Shoreditch Park! We will then take part in the 50-minute SMASHcamp session in the park at 9:45am, before running back to the club (80-minute workout in total). The run will be a steady pace, and suitable for most levels, but complete beginners may prefer to consider option 2 (this also applies to anyone who dislikes running 😝).

Option 2 - Meet at Shoreditch Park at 9:45am for the 50-minute SMASHcamp session! We will give an exact meeting location in the park later in the week!

The cost is Β£10 per person for both options (or Β£5 for your first SMASHcamp session) and is open to everyone! It will be energising, mindful and fun - that's a promise! Reply to confirm your spot - this will be the best start to your weekend!

Enjoy the amazing sunshine coming our way, get outside when you can and let the sun and Mother Nature do their thing! β˜€

Sam and Ash