We are so passionate about mindfulness - it is part of the reason we created SMASH in the first place - and we have been amazed at all the questions we have had in club and via email. It shows that so many of you are interested in protecting your mental health and the proof is out there that mindfulness is one of the best ways to combat stress, anxiety, all types of depression, low moods, irritability, obesity... the list could really go on! It is such a 'buzz' word at the moment but we really do believe that the next generations to come will question why it took us all so long to get started in the first place! If you are already are on your own mindfulness journey, please keep it up! If you aren't, ask yourself this? Do you want to suffer less anxiety? Do you want to react better to stress/depression/low moods? Do you want to enjoy every single day, from the stressful ones to the incredible ones (and everything in between!)? If so, start the journey today, stick with it and really feel what it's like to be in control... 

some of our favourite examples

From a 10 minute meditation, to 3 minutes of affirmations, gratitude motivation as well as an example of mindfulness in a story.

Tamara Levitt guides this 10 minute Daily Calm mindfulness meditation to powerfully restore and re-connect with the present.

Start your morning with confidence as we affirm that your life can change, that wonderful things can happen, and that you deserve them, because you are amazing!  

Say "Thank you" - A Motivational Video On The Importance Of Gratitude Intro Speech by Denzel Washington (Commencement Speech) Main speech by Fearless Soul "Thank You" 

Everything has beauty but not everyone sees it. Our mind generally operates on autopilot and therefore we follow our daily routines missing the opportunity to catch moments of gratitude, happiness, glimpses of opportunity, fortune and wonder. Becoming more mindful, attentive and aware means we gain new experiences from the things we see everyday.