The SMASH london Team

In early 2017 we decided to create a fitness class called SMASH that would focus on mental health as much as physical health! We felt there was nothing out there that gave you the sweat and energy of a strength and HIIT class combined with the mindfulness approach you often find in holistic classes, like yoga. Fast forward to the current day and that one class has now magnified to 19 classes, personal training and our Discovery and SMASHcamp sessions! We were right to trust our instinct, the fitness industry needed a class like SMASH and, with the help of our amazing community of members, we will spread the message far and wide that working out and getting sweaty is amazing for strengthening your well-being - physically and mentally!

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Samantha tank

I am a lover of life and enjoy a challenge, pushing myself and others to reach various goals. I very much believe in whole body fitness and health -my mission is to inspire you to become the best version of yourself and make every day count.


Ashley Boorman

I am passionate about physical and mental wellbeing and have worked in the fitness industry for over a decade. I love seeing people achieve their own personal goals and my mission is to help make exercise enjoyable so it becomes something you love to do! Every day I am inspired by our SMASH community members and this drives me to always deliver the best I can - thank you!

Smash community

SMASH would be nothing without our amazing SMASH community! It's so great to be bringing people together - both regular faces and newbies! Anyone is welcome, you will feel part of the community within your first class!

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Personal training packages

We design our training sessions to improve strength in body and mind, tailored to encourage and push you to reach your goals and intentions. All packages are flexible to suit your needs

Party Bookings

NEW YEAR sees the introduction of SMASH Party bookings!

Choose to hire us for your stag/hen/birthday parties for one of three very different styles of training.


Party Spin

45 minutes of super fun on a bike! You get to choose a playlist style and we will do the rest - Spin is an intense, sweaty calorie burner… but with the right music and our SMASH twist you are guaranteed a good time!



Our favourite of the SMASH classes! 45 minutes of going back to your childhood - Playground includes some of your favourite “games” making exercise fun! It will leave you sweaty and smiling at the same time! Cheesy music all round!



If you want to work hard with less of the cheese, SMASHcamp is the one for you!! We will push you to work to your maximum in a motivational way! 80 or 45 minutes of functional fitness tailored to your levels of fitness!



It's one of the easiest sports to get into. With minimal gear and any levels of fitness, most people are able to start running. 

It doesn't have to be fast, it doesn't have to be long distances and it can be as simple as putting on a pair of trainers and going for it. We both used to hate running, and its only a few years ago that Sam discovered the joys of running, inspiring Ash to don his running shoes for his first race in the spring of 2017.

If you need that extra push to get running, or want to aim for your first 10K, half marathon, or even full marathon we can make you a tailor-made running programmes, to fit around your life helping you achieve your goals without injury or burning out. 

Contact us for more details.